Adroit is a boutique SAP Consulting Company. With a steadfast commitment to SAP, Adroit exhibits a coherent vision that is attuned to the vision of our customer community and the SAP ecosystem as a whole. Our future structure, design and service innovation is tied to SAP's strategy. As a result, our customers not only get an unparalleled one-stop SAP experience from Adroit but are also able to strategically partner with us over a longer life-cycle.


We are a client-focused specialist consulting organization. By nurturing our talent pool, we strive to produce work of the highest quality, which adds business worth to our clients.

We adhere to the following values:
  • We work as extended arm of our clients
  • We deliver our solutions to address complexity while ensuring that our solutions are simple and practical
  • We strive to deliver lasting value to our customers
  • We always act with integrity, in our words and actions, and with everyone with whom we interact
  • We are passionate about what we do. This, coupled with our knowledge and experience, is the key to our success and that of our clients
  • We are committed to innovating constantly for delivering increasing value to our customers


Our people are our most valuable asset. Adroit hires and retains the best talent. All candidates go through a stringent interview, rigorous screening, and meticulous background check processes before they are made part of the Adroit family.

Even the best minds need to be constantly challenged, their skills continuously honed. In addition to providing a challenging work environment that fosters independent thinking, we provide ongoing training to all our employees around different domains, new SAP technologies, communications, etiquette, and leadership.

The open door culture of our organization culminates in a highly charged team of people, who always do well by doing good. We are proud of our people and we are determined to keep this culture alive.

Project Management

Adroit believes Project Management is a set of inter-related phases, activities and tasks that define the project process from the start through to completion. Each phase of the project produces a major deliverable that contributes towards achieving project objectives. The objective is to provide common standards to ensure that projects are conducted in a disciplined, well-managed, and consistent manner, resulting in projects that are completed on time and within budget.

Adroit considers three main phases for projects :
Project Initiation

Project initiation is very critical. Adroit targets to address following in this phase :

  • Project charter
  • Objective Definition - project objective statement
  • Scope/deliverables identification - Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • Time-sequenced task scheduling and critical path identification
  • Project Reviews, Communication, and Escalation structure

Project Control

The control phase involves managing and tracking the project. To do this a project plan is developed. The project plan is most commonly expressed in the form of a Gantt chart and identifies the stages, tasks, timeline and resources.

Once planned, it is important to identify factors that could impact the project. This is done using the issues log and risk log. The issues log is used to record issues and a create a plan to address them. The risk log is used to record and grade risks with an associated action plan to mitigate them.

Based on experience Adroit has identified following major risks for any SAP project:

  • Lack of top management commitment
  • Inappropriate requirement specifications
  • Non-availability of team members
  • Sub-optimal testing
  • Incomplete or Incorrect Data
  • Manpower attritions

All the risks are well communicated to the customer. The possible preventive actions are communicated to the customer during the initial workshops conducted. Adroit uses proven techniques and staffing processes to avoid manpower attrition during the project.

Most importantly, the key to good project management and a successful project outcome is effective communication. Adroit ensures total transparency at all stages and to all stakeholders of the project.

Project Closure

Project closure is an important aspect of project management that is often overlooked. At this point it is important to know whether the project has achieved its goals and objectives. Adroit uses systematic tools and artifacts to evaluate how well the project has performed against its original business case, quality criteria, costs, duration and tolerances. This knowledge repository is used to pass on any lessons that can be usefully applied to future projects.


Quality is a culture at Adroit. BVQI has certified our Quality Management System (QMS) for ISO 9001:2000. By working with large organizations, MNCs, and CMMI Level 5 companies we enrich our quality culture and add more value to our services. Where appropriate, our quality management framework can flexibly integrate with that of our clients.

Adroit makes the best use of ASAP and other SAP prescribed tools and methodologies. Our mature processes create strong diagnostic and predictive focus, delivering measurable performance to clients' 'Critical to Quality' parameters - faster turnaround, higher productivity, and on-time, right-first-time deliveries. We provide full visibility on our projects through project monitoring tools.

Our Quality control competency has become the cornerstone for delivering quality solutions and services.

Simplifying SAP

Enterprises implementing SAP get maximum advantage when they ensure widespread adoption of the solution. Only when all levels of users use the solution comprehensively can it deliver high-level MIS and EIS.

Better usability spurs user acceptance by delivering greater comfort to end users. This in turn reduces user fatigue, boosts their productivity and thereby bolsters adoption of the SAP solution across the enterprise. With the full recognition that complex and process heavy screens often tend to challenge end user acceptance – especially among small-and-medium enterprises that are not heavy on support staff – Adroit strives to simplify the SAP solution. By including additional navigation schemes and processing intelligence, our solutions enable users at all levels of an enterprise to complete everyday transactions with minimum keystrokes and maximum ease. At the same time, there are no compromises on the level of information required for generation of rich MIS and EIS.