SAP Cloud Platform

SAP Cloud Platform is an open platform-as-a-service, which includes the in-memory SAP HANA database management system, connects to both on premises and cloud-based systems running SAP or other third-party software and relies on open standards.

SAP Cloud Platform is promoted to build and extend business applications with rapid innovation cycles.

SAP Cloud Platform is a platform as a service developed by SAP SE for creating new applications or extending existing applications in a secure cloud computing environment managed by SAP. The SAP Cloud Platform integrates data and business processes.

Features/Benefits of Cloud Platform:

  • Set up and configure SAP Smart Business service on SAP Cloud Platform
  • Create modeler, runtime, and alert applications
  • Enable predictive analytics and learn to embed artifacts in SAPUI5 applications for embedded analytics

SAP Cloud Platform is the agile platform-as-a-service (PaaS) for digital transformation, with comprehensive application development services and capabilities that allow businesses to collect, manage, analyse and leverage information of all types, to extend and connect to business systems, and to innovate new edge scenarios to allow the business to continuously adapt and advance. It enables customers to achieve business agility, create a truly integrated and optimized enterprise, and accelerate digital transformation across the business – all without the requirement of maintaining or investing in on-premises infrastructure.

SAP Cloud Platform
SAP Cloud Platform

Some applications are available from the SAP HANA App Centre, to extend and integrate applications, customize existing applications, and extend their mobile footprint with mobile-first apps. With SAP Cloud Platform organizations can better engage with customers and empower employees and developers can build applications which are running in the cloud, but still access data from the premises or other clouds.

SAP Cloud Platform, developer edition offers users easy and free way to explore SAP Cloud Platform and its capabilities. In addition to 1GB shared SAP HANA, SAP Cloud Platform provides users to:

  • Create column views using both HANA Studio and SQL commands via JDBC
  • Connect to the HANA instance on SAP Cloud Platform easily via Eclipse
  • Deploy the apps on Cloud Foundry based runtimes and backing services
  • Connect to up to 2 on-premises systems
  • Create unlimited HTML apps
  • Test drive the Java applications

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