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Why Adroit?
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Simplifying SAP
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Why Adroit?
  Simplifying SAP
  Enterprises implementing SAP get maximum advantage when they ensure widespread adoption of the solution. Only when all levels of users use the solution comprehensively can it deliver high-level MIS and EIS.
  Better usability spurs user acceptance by delivering greater comfort to end users. This in turn reduces user fatigue, boosts their productivity and thereby bolsters adoption of the SAP solution across the enterprise. With the full recognition that complex and process heavy screens often tend to challenge end user acceptance – especially among small-and-medium enterprises that are not heavy on support staff – Adroit strives to simplify the SAP solution. By including additional navigation schemes and processing intelligence, our solutions enable users at all levels of an enterprise to complete everyday transactions with minimum keystrokes and maximum ease. At the same time, there are no compromises on the level of information required for generation of rich MIS and EIS.