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Fixed Price
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  Fixed Price
  The Fixed Price Model is best suited to projects with definite scope and clear specifications. You can engage this model when everything about the initiative is apparent from the beginning of your project to its delivery and pay a fixed price as per the agreement.
  Adroit recommends this model for customers who have detailed project specifications, timelines, and fixed budgets. Because of the clear goals sketched out, it is considered that while developing the solution it will give little or minimal scope for modifications or changes. This means that Fixed Price Model, in addition to being appropriate for short-term and medium level projects, can also project results as foreseen.
  Our senior specialists and business consultants have setup and perfected this model after years of service to companies who opted for our Fixed Price model. Our Fixed Price Model is distinct to each project, because we understand that not all projects are similar; every project is different in its nature. Further, our business analysts study your project in detail and provide you suggestions as necessary, so that your application is developed with best efforts, beating or meeting your deadlines with quality intact.
  This model’s success mainly depends on the mutual cooperation between the customer and Adroit. In the past, all of our customers have helped us well while executing their projects with necessary feedbacks, ideas, and suggestions. This resulted in the successful completion of their projects and locking us in a win-win relationship.
  Advantages you get with Fixed Price Model…
Fixed Price model helps you deliver high quality solutions on time and on budget.
Ensures few or minimal changes / modifications during the execution of the project.
Greater business analysis and appropriate suggestions.
Experienced professionals work on your project.
Best efforts for quality solutions within the fixed price.
Effective communication ensures smooth workflow.
Win-win relationship.