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Client Managed Project Execution
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  Client Managed Project Execution
  Many SAP installations are well supported by in-house teams. This may be a strategic decision of the organization, which Adroit respects. The in-house team, apart from providing regular support, may be required to:
Handle peak load conditions
Undertake major Improvements or enhancements
Apply critical hot packs
Undertake major projects such as roll-outs, upgrades
  In such situations, it is not the capability of the team but the bandwidth and, therefore, their agility that suffers a set back. This is when the team needs to be bolstered with additional support by means of resource augmentation.
  Having a pool of experienced consultants on hand, Adroit provides all the support that the customer needs for improving the functionality and performance of the existing system. Additional supplemental resources allow customers to deploy the required technology and applications by supplying the expertise to support the delivery. By utilizing our services, you'll:
Obtain temporary IT staff, which is generally in short supply
Add staff to a new project or help finish an existing one
Supplement existing staff that is overburdened with support requests
Improve day-to-day operations without hiring additional staff
Receive "just in time" services that are designed specifically for your organization
Improve time to market, by focusing on strategic areas